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oh yeah i got an extra tumblr blog for random personal sheed

follow if ya feel like it ^^




come join!! tinychat is open! =D


just reblogging again Cooome ooon guys! its fun =D


come join!! tinychat is open! =D



The world needs more bottom!Nick….

yes! <3


The world needs more bottom!Nick….

yes! <3


Heyo peeps! the tinychat will start tonight at 21.00 GMT+1

and i will make a little game for the people who shows up and joins with there awsome cosplays =D

everyone is welcome you can also just show up and just watch if ya feel like it and lets all have fun this lovely friday night alright? 

hope to see ya all later =D

Hey now its soon weekend and so i have decided that i wanted to have some fun this lovely Friday so is anyone up for a cosplay tinychat? You can cosplay anything you like in it and we let the characters meet and act with eachother doesn’t that sound fun?

If you would like to join just like this and you can of course reblog this too if you feel like it

I will update this post later or post another post with the time ^^ hope to see you all later


Soldier: One more maggot’s, I know you can punch one more of those grandpa muscles of yours!!!
Medic: No more….I require assistance bitte…

( Last one of my vacation from my M!A)

thats right, just give that medic what he decerves XD 


typical swedish weather

this happens in denmark too at the moment XD 


Too damn dark aaaaaaa.

Plain concept versions so you can see their faces. The concept I like better is here.

i would love to make this as a cosplay XD (totally wanna make spy :P )

and it looks easy 


waking up your friend the morning after a sleepover like