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So I made another tumblr profile for all my videos that have been postet and will be postet in the future both here and on Youtube, it will all end here as well ^^

hope you will like and watch it to follow updates <3


is in a big need for some sniperXmedic right now XD (or sniperXspy)




Drawing tablet is out of order at the mo, all I have to offer are these poor quality/heavily edited pencil drawings.

If I may-

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Wahh.. Not alot makes me happier then when people add wonderful fanfictions to my drawings.Thanks so much for this! Was really great to read <3

Let me ad mine too XD 


There he was standing with a whip in his hands, looking at the bigger man tied up in his bed and with a smirk on his face.

Slowly the german moved closer, letting his long high heeled boots touch the ground with a firm sound from the heels.
He was wearing nothing else than the boots, his gloves and of course one of his loving hats that made him complete the look.
The medic layed the whip from him as his eyes wandered down the heavys body, enjoying the small whip marks he had made on the bare skin and finally his eyes meet the other mans as they wer full of lust and desire for the medic to continue his job.

It could be seen on the heavy that if he hasn’t been tied up he would had taken the medic hard by now, but since his hands were tied to the bed, he was helpless and could only lay, hoping the medic would let him take him soon and finally it seemed the medic had decited to grant the Russians wish.

With a smirk on his lips the german crawled over him, eyes digging into the others with a dominant look as he positioned himself over the Russians now fully grown manhood and now gently let it entering him as he moved down, letting a moan escape the medics mouth as he felt the erection inside of him.

It didn’t take long before he started to move his hips, letting the Russian moan and gasp for air, hearing him growl for more as he was pleased by finally taking the other.

The medic speeded up, taking more and more of the man’s length inside of him until it in the end fully was inside of him. But that wasn’t all, because the medic wasn’t done.
He placed his feet on top of him letting the heels dig into the the soft skin, as he spread his legs letting the other man getting fully view to what was going on and placed both hands on his own knees.
After that he continued his movements, faster and harder, making the other man moan louder, making the medic smile as it was like music in his ears.

The medic continued until the Russian finally was at his finishing point, he ended out coming too but the heavy wasn’t done and the medic didn’t stop, he wanted more and the medic was giving him it, he wanted the heavy to beg for him to stop but since he wanted more he continued until he could see the exhausted look in the other mans face, making the man beg with a low voice.

“medic.. pleace~”

The medic didn’t stop but just smirked big

“had enough yet. Liebe? ”

It made the heavy nod but the medic continued even harder now, making the heavy getting closer to another release once more

“I can’t hear you~” he said once again with a teasing voice, making the heavy whimper as he looked at the German once again.

“it is enough now… nng… doctor… please… “ those sweet begging words made the medic smirk once more as he moved down, gently kissing the other man.

“as you wish~” and then he finished up the work, feeling close himself, making the final hard movements as both came to their release, Ending it with loud big moans followed by exhausted heavy breathings.

(dont be harsh on me im not used to writing stuff XD)

I've always wondered, does german people know why danes make so much fun out of the sentence "Ich bin böse und knällt mit den tür" (Think that's how it's spelled)


I never heard that before. xD

No idea, why do they make fun about “Ich bin böse und knalle mit der Tür”?

I bet “knallen” means “to fuck” or something. xD

please dont hate on me but im danish and know about this joke, thats acually really old one but still goes on around in denmark.

if you read the sentence Ich bin böse und knällt mit den tür as danish it will look like : jeg er bøsse og knalder med en tyr basickly means i am gay and fucks with a bull XD

i have no idea were the joke came from but thats just how it is and for me it was fun to the start since i knew nothing about german but now its just an old joke and not really funny anymore 

but yeah now you know XD



This blog judges tf2 blogs because of their own experience and thoughts about them and tells people to avoid them at all costs.

Here’s their list: http://tf2fandomisproblematic.tumblr.com/Avoid

They literally call some tf2-fans trash and scumbags.



OOC: I’m out of character there XD
But anyway I’m glad that you and other people find it entertaining and I trying my best to act as soldier, although it is not easy XD  

P.s And I hope non take answer seriously that way I’m answers it as personal, remember this is just a RPG. <3

Love you guys!!!

Daaaawh this soldier! XDD 


it’s commisison tiiiiime bcause i’m poor xD

what you get for your money is a headshot of a character of your choice like the one that is shown above,
(click here for a higher resolution of the picture)
may it be OC or a character out of a TV show/manga/game/ectI would also really like to visualise your OC if you give me enough informatio on how he or she looks like

the picture you get will be 1400x1800

payment will be via Paypall only
please use a current converter if you don’t have €

if you are interested please contact me via ask / fanmail or send me a note on my DeviantArt


well, I want to do some stuff this year

for example, i need money for Cosplays and conventions
i really need to get some money together so I can visit the Gamescom this year, so i can meet a lot of nice and awesome people there

also, I need money for some cosplays, because I need to get stuff that is really expensive (for example Officer Vi’s boots, I found some really nice once, but maaaaan the money….)

so yeah

I would be really happy if you guys wuld commission me :)

look i made some more sketches XD heads!! (only thing foxy feels happy about drawing XD) 

first drawing is of Drunken because she told me to draw her when i didn’t know what to draw, then i got all inspired to make another sketch of my OC Foxy (the one i have my nickname from) and is really proud in the expression =D

J-popCon 2014 THE VIDEO!

thank you for a wonderfull convention i really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with a lot of people.

I am now finished with the so long video editing and is really happy in how it turned out.

again thanks for all the wonderfull people who said yes to be filmed and thanks to the Wonderfull Apilysai: http://apilysai.tumblr.com/ and Carmen: http://ragna89.tumblr.com/ for doing the voices in the begining.



Hilly Hindi is extremely changeable

Awwww!  Thank you! xoxo

I just love the Hillywood show XD